The Faster the Better

When a fatal car accident happens like in the video, a fast & precise emergency call is necessary.

But there is no way to make an emergency call if the driver or occupants are down by the accident.

They will lose the chance to get help.

To prevent such situations, there are automatic e-call services provided by carmakers or professional companies like Onstar. However, the service is not eligible for all drivers because of the high cost & complicated features

so that only a few people can enjoy benefits.

(Dr. Strange, of course, could enjoy it because he drove Lamborghini !) 

 This is not good.





A universal e-call solution for all drivers is needed.




We have spent two years getting the field test result as well as developing it.






Introducing BATON PLUG

baton plug background image.png
  • 3 independent sensors detect 9-axes movement, collectivley; acceleration, gyro, and geomagnetic.

  • Direct detection of car motion.

  • AI-based motion-pattern analysis.

  • Bluetooth connection.

  • Work for any car.

  • 5-year Warranty.

the most advanced e-call device ever


BATON sends an e-call message in 30 secs to designated recipients including the emergency communication center through the connected phone when it detects an accident automatically. 

The EMS team can get the basic personal information as well as the exact location and time through the message so that they can actively prepare the right tools & methods to maximize the golden hour for the injured people. 

Eventually, they get more time to help people.

Difference makes value


  • Plug it into your car

  • Launch the app

  • Pairing thru Bluetooth

  • Set to go


Connection to ...

  • 12V power socket

  • Cigarette lighter socket

  • USB port


Motion detection by 

  • Acceleration sensor​

  • Gyro sensor 

  • Geomagnetic sensor

AI-based pattern analysis


  • No subscription fee

  • One-time purchasing

  • Affordable price

  • 5-year warranty

Available only on


Very soon

US 49$ ~
during the campaign

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A thoughtful gift for
people you care

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 Rope Inc. is a Korea-based startup started in 2018. The company has developed and launched its first device with service in 2019 for Korea.

And now the company is preparing to launch the new & upgraded device for global users.

The team has been making efforts to find the best solution to save more lives from fatal car accidents through their technologies.  

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